Sedum Adolphii Golden Live Plant

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1. Sunlight
Sedum adolphii can attain its bright orange and reddish color when it is regularly exposed to sunlight.

If grown outdoors as part of a succulent garden, make sure Golden Glow is in an area that gets 6 hours of morning sunlight. Avoid exposing this succulent to the scorching heat of the afternoon sun as its leaves can get sunburned
2. Watering
Sedum adolphii should only receive water when its soil is completely dry otherwise the roots could be exposed to the risk of rotting.

Golden Glow has the same watering needs of a typical succulent plant. You should expect to give it more water during the summer season when the soil dries out faster.

In the winter season, the soil tends to hold on to moisture longer. This means the Sedum adolphii succulent plant will not need as much water. Remember, it is better to under- water Golden Glow than to overwater it.

You can check the moisture level of the soil by using a hygrometer, You can also insert a stick approximately an inch below the topsoil. If the stick comes out dry, prepare to water Golden Glow
3. Pot and Soil
If you want to grow Sedum adolphii in a pot, buy one that is made of clay and has not undergone the glazing process. Clay is well-regarded for its ability to allow excess moisture to evaporate along the sides of the pot. By using a clay pot for Golden Glow, you reduce the risk of overwatering.

For best-growing results, use well-draining soil for Sedum adolphii. You can use cactus or sandy soil and add gravel at a 1:1 ratio to improve the level of drainage. Waterlogged soil can lead to the roots being submerged in a moist environment for a long time.
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