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Green Paradise Madhumalati Creeper Double Petal Plant - Buy Online and Transform Your Garden"

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Madhumalti Double Petal Rangoon Creeper Plant About Madhumalti Creeper  The Madhumalti Creeper with Double Petals, also known as Rangoon Creeper (Scientific name: Quisqualis indica), is a...
Rs. 399.00

DESMODIUM Blue Braya Sapling Plant

The Enigmatic Elegance of DESMODIUM Blue Braya Plant: Nature's Hidden Gem In the heart of our planet's diverse botanical tapestry lies a hidden gem, a botanical masterpiece that quietly thrives...
Rs. 899.00

Green Paradise White Scented Climbing Rose Live Plant

Green Paradise Offers White Scented Amazing Rose Plant About White Scented Rose Plant   The White-Scented Climbing Rose is a beautiful and fragrant plant that belongs to the Rosa genus of...
Rs. 499.00
On Sale

Green Paradise Live Red Scented Climbing Rose Plant

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Red Scented Climbing Rose Plant About Red Scented Climbing Rose Plant The red-scented climbing rose plant is a popular and beautiful flowering plant that belongs to...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 449.00

Live Lemon Plant Suitable For Bonsai

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Lemon Plant   About Lemon Plant   Lemon plants, also known as lemon trees, are evergreen trees that belong to the Rutaceae family. They are cultivated for their...
Rs. 412.00

Exclusive Langra Mango Live Plant-Green Paradise Live

Green Paradise Offers Langra Mango Plant About Langra Mango Plant The Langra mango is a popular mango variety cultivated in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the regions of Uttar Pradesh,...
Rs. 499.00

Live Red Fragrant Kashmiri Valentine Rose Plant Bunch Roses plant

The Enchanting Elegance of the Red Fragrant Kashmiri Valentine Rose Plant   Unveiling the Symbol of Love and Beauty from the Valley of Romance In the world of flora, few...
Rs. 565.00

Mini White Bunch Rose Plant

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Mini White Bunch Rose Plant   About Mini White Bunch Roses Plant   Miniature Mini white Bunch roses are charming and delicate plants that bring elegance...
Rs. 399.00

Exclusive Seedless JackFruit Live Plant

Introducing the Seedless Jack Fruit Plant – Your Gateway to a Bounty of Sweetness! Transform your garden into a tropical paradise with our Seedless Jack Fruit Plant, a marvel of nature...
Rs. 644.00

Green Paradise Live-Madhukamini Live Plant

  Green Paradise Offers Madhukamini Plant About Madhukamini Plant Madhu Kamini generally known as Orange Jasmine or Mock Orange, is a protean and popular evergreen shrub or small tree in the...
Rs. 349.00

Live Red Fragrant Desi Rose Plant (Set Of 3 Plants)

Green Paradise Offers The Real Desi Rose Of our Country. The Desi Rose, scientifically known as Rosa indica, is a captivating flowering plant that holds a special place not only...
Rs. 499.00
On Sale

Acalypha hispida the chenille plant long red flowers With medicinal Values

Acalypha Hispida: Unveiling the Beauty of the Chenille Plant from Green Paradise Nursery Nestled in the heart of Green Paradise Nursery, a botanical treasure beckons with its vibrant crimson tassels...
Rs. 599.00 Rs. 449.00
On Sale

Pandanus Amaryllifolius Plant Pandan Plant Rambha Plant Biryani Leaves Plant Basmati Plant

Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Pandanus Amaryllifolius: The Fragrant Greenery of Asia In the lush and diverse tapestry of the plant kingdom, Pandanus Amaryllifolius stands as a remarkable botanical gem,...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00

All Spices Live Plant

Green Paradise Offers AllSpices Plant   About AllSpices Plant AllSpices, commonly known as allspice, is an aromatic evergreen tree native to the Caribbean region, particularly Jamaica. It belongs to the...
Rs. 449.00

Cardamom Plant Elachi, Yallaki, Veldode, Ealakai, live plant

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Cardamom Plant   About Cardamom Plant   Cardamom, scientifically known as Elettaria cardamomum, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It is...
Rs. 349.00

Mini Pink Bunch Roses Plant

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Mini Pink Bunch Rose Plant   About Mini Pink Bunch Roses Plant   Miniature Mini Pink Bunch roses are charming and delicate plants that bring elegance and beauty...
Rs. 399.00