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English Rose Plant (White)

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful English White Rose Plant   About English White Rose Plant   The White English Rose, also known as 'Lady Emma Hamilton,' is a popular and stunning variety...
Rs. 449.00
On Sale

Sempervivum calcareum Fire Dragon Laxmi Kamal Plant Live Succulent Plant With Pot

Introducing the Laxmi Kamal Plant: A Symbol of Prosperity and Beauty for Your Home Elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with the exquisite Laxmi Kamal Plant, a botanical marvel that...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00

Cryptanthus Black Tiger Very Rare Colour Exotic Live Indoor Plant

Unveiling the Enigmatic Elegance of The Green Paradise Cryptanthus Black Tiger Plant About Cryptanthus Black Tiger Plant In the realm of botanical marvels, where nature showcases its artistic prowess, the Cryptanthus...
Rs. 889.00
On Sale

Green Paradise Red Dwarf Pine Apple Plant

Green Paradise Brings You A Treat Of Red Color With This Unique Red Pineapple Plant   The Enigmatic Beauty of the Red Dwarf Pineapple Plant In the realm of botanical wonders,...
Rs. 589.00 Rs. 499.00

LIve Moon cactus pack of 3 Plants

Introducing the Moon Cactus Plant: A Celestial Wonder for Your Green Oasis Transform your garden into a celestial haven with our exquisite Moon Cactus Plant. Renowned for its captivating beauty...
Rs. 990.00

Flowering Cactus Live Plant

Unveiling the Beauty of Flowering Cactus Plants from Green Paradise Nursery When we think of vibrant, blooming gardens, cacti are not typically the first plants that come to mind. However,...
Rs. 499.00
On Sale

Sedum firestorm Orange Succulent Plant Live With Pot

About this item Healthy And Mature Succulent Live Plant sedum-firestorm Plant Comes with Pot. Easy Growing Plant Need Very Less Care And Adds Beauty To Your Garden Green Paradise Offers...
Rs. 449.00 Rs. 399.00

Lithops Cactus Live Plant

Lithops Cactus Plant - A Desert Jewel for Your Collection Welcome to the world of exotic beauty and natural elegance with our Lithops Cactus Plant. Also known as "Living Stones"...
Rs. 699.00

kalanchoe-humilis-desert-surprise Live Plant

Introducing the Kalanchoe humilis Desert Surprise Plant – Nature's Delight for Your Space! Unlock the beauty of the desert with our Kalanchoe humilis Desert Surprise Plant, a botanical marvel that...
Rs. 799.00

Pink Cryptanthus Live Plant Best Indoor Plant

Introducing the Exquisite Pink Cryptanthus Plant: Unveil Nature's Blush in Your Space Transform your living space with the ethereal beauty of our Pink Cryptanthus Plant. This enchanting botanical gem not...
Rs. 399.00
On Sale

Green Paradise® Live Cactus Plants mammillaria copper king Copper Glory Cactus Live Healthy Cactus With Pot For Conainers , rockgardens, Cactus Yard And Mini Landscapes

About this item Healthy And Maturemammillaria copper king Copper Glory Cactus Plant Comes with Pot. Easy Growing Beautiful Glory Cactus Plant Need Very Less Care And Adds Colorful Beauty To...
Rs. 399.00 Rs. 349.00

Mammillaria Elongata Cactus Plant

Mammillaria Elongata Cactus Plant - A Desert Gem for Your Home Welcome to a world of unique beauty and simplicity with our Mammillaria Elongata Cactus Plant. Also known as the...
Rs. 499.00

Bunny Ear Cactus with Pot

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Bunny Ear Cactus    About Bunny Cactus   The Bunny Ear Cactus, scientifically known as Opuntia microdasys, is a popular and charming cactus species that belongs to...
Rs. 499.00

Opuntia Microdasys albata Live Cactus Plant

Introducing the Opuntia Microdasys Albata Plant: A Prickly Marvel for Your Garden Elevate your garden with the Opuntia Microdasys Albata Plant, a unique and captivating addition that brings both beauty...
Rs. 399.00

Kalanchoe Tomentosa Succulent Panda Paw Live Plant With Pot

Introducing the Kalanchoe Tomentosa Panda Plant: Your Exotic Foliage Companion Are you ready to elevate your indoor garden with a touch of the extraordinary? Meet the Kalanchoe Tomentosa Panda Plant,...
Rs. 899.00

sansevieria Boncel Plant

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Sansevieria Boncel Plant   About Sansevieria Plant   Sansevieria boncel, also known as the Boncel snake plant or dwarf snake plant, is a popular cultivar of the...
Rs. 599.00