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caladium flower bulb-pack of 5 pcs| gardening for home, kitchen, outdoor/indoor|MIXED COLOUR

Caladium Flower Bulbs: Nature's Artistic Masterpiece   About Caladium Flower Bulb Nature's bountiful beauty never ceases to amaze us, and the Caladium flower bulb is a prime example of this...
Rs. 399.00
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Pandanus Amaryllifolius Plant Pandan Plant Rambha Plant Biryani Leaves Plant Basmati Plant

Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Pandanus Amaryllifolius: The Fragrant Greenery of Asia In the lush and diverse tapestry of the plant kingdom, Pandanus Amaryllifolius stands as a remarkable botanical gem,...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00
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Sempervivum calcareum Fire Dragon Laxmi Kamal Plant Live Succulent Plant With Pot

Introducing the Laxmi Kamal Plant: A Symbol of Prosperity and Beauty for Your Home Elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with the exquisite Laxmi Kamal Plant, a botanical marvel that...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00

Croton Petra Live Plant

Green Paradise Croton Petra Plant: Adding a Splash of Color to Your Indoors About Croton Petra Plant In the world of indoor plants, the Croton Petra stands out as a...
Rs. 399.00
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Green Paradise® White Sandalwood Plant

White sandalwood is a small tropical tree and this is a commonly known source for sandalwood. This species has historically been cultivated, processed and traded since ancient times.White sandalwood cultivation...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00

Live Indoor Air Purifying Rotundum Hybrid 'Anjamani Red' Aglaonema Plant with Pot

  Green Paradise Beautiful Aglonema Palnt                            About Aglaonema Plant   The pink aglaonema offers a perpetual touch of...
Rs. 699.00

Green Paradise Caladium Hortulanum 5 Fresh Multi colour Bulbs

Green Paradise Offers Caladium Hortulanum 5 Fresh Multi Colour Bulbs  About Caladium Hortulanum Plant Caladium botulinum, commonly known as Caladium or Angel Wings, is a tropical plant prized for its vibrant, colorful...
Rs. 299.00

Indoor Lipstick Aglonema Plant (Pot included)

Embracing Elegance: The Allure of Lipstick Aglaonema Plants from Green Paradise Nursery   In the realm of interior decor, there exists a unique gem – the Lipstick Aglaonema plant. With...
Rs. 349.00

Kari Patta Live Plant

Introducing the Exquisite Kari Patta Plant – Elevate Your Culinary Experience! Are you ready to transform your home into a culinary haven? Look no further than our premium Kari Patta...
Rs. 399.00

Golden Thuja Morpankhi mayurpankh plant

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Golden Thuja Morpankhi Plant   Morpankhi, commonly known as Oriental arborvitae golden thuja, is a species of evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family (Cupressaceae). It is...
Rs. 399.00

Red Coleus Live plant

Coleus Plant Care Coleus' needs when it comes to care are pretty minimal, making it a great introductory plant for novice gardeners or those who just don't have a lot...
Rs. 349.00
On Sale

Green Paradise Asparagus sprengeri Live Plant

Green Paradise Brings You A Must Member for Your Garden The asparagus fern.  The asparagus fern( Asparagus sprengeri) is a common and fast-growing houseplant. It's called a fern, but is actually...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00
On Sale

Green Paradise Monstera Deliciosa Live Indoor Monstera Plant with Nursery Pot

Unveiling the Marvel: Monstera Deliciosa - Nature's Architectural Masterpiece From Instagram feeds to interior design magazines, the Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, has been enjoying its...
Rs. 1,099.00 Rs. 899.00

Green Paradise® Peace Lily Spathiphyllum indoor air purifier Live Plant with pot

Elevate Your Space with Tranquility: Peace Lily Plant - A Serene Companion for Your Home Welcome tranquility into your home with the exquisite Peace Lily Plant. Revered for its elegant...
Rs. 399.00

Touch me not Plant

We can also propagate touch me not plant by taking cuttings. We can cut a healthy section of stem, leaf, or branch from a plant and can use it to...
Rs. 399.00

Green Paradise® Persian Shield Plant Live Plant With Pot

Introducing the Majestic Persian Shield Plant: A Tapestry of Vibrant Elegance for Your Garden   Elevate your garden to new heights with the enchanting Persian Shield Plant (Strobilanthes dyerianus). Renowned...
Rs. 899.00