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Green Paradise Fengsui Bamboo 2 Layers Bamboo Plant Without Pot

Appealing, elegant and easy to grow, our two layer bamboo is a perfect gift for your office and home. One of the strongest fengshui elements they are symbol of good...
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 229.00
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Asparagus Meyeri - Foxtail Fern Live Plant Foxtail Fern Live Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition.
Rs. 399.00

citronella plant mosquito repellent Plant

Citronella's plant uses as a fever reducer, insect repellent, anti-parasitic and as a soothing agent for pain, inflammation and skin healing. It has a long history of use as an ingredient...
Rs. 799.00 Rs. 499.00
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Flowering Cactus Live Plant

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii is a species of cactus from South America. The most popular cultivars are varied mutants which completely lack chlorophyll, exposing the red, orange, or yellow pigmentation. These mutant...
Rs. 499.00

Lemon Grass Plant

Lemon Grass is a fragrant herb which is increasingly being used in teas, beverages, herbal medicines. Cymbopogon, better known as lemongrass is a genus of Asian, African, Australian, and tropical...
Rs. 299.00

Nagarvel Betel Leaf Plant

Nagarvel leaf plant (piper betel) is a creeper grown in India. It belongs to the pepper family. Its waxy green, heart-shaped leaves are used for medicinal and culinary purposes. When...
Rs. 299.00
Cryptanthus Black Tiger Very Rare Colour Exotic Live Indoor Plant

Cryptanthus Black Tiger Very Rare Colour Exotic Live Indoor Plant

LightDifferent Cryptanthus varieties need different levels of light, but most plants within this genus will generally thrive in some sort of indirect sunlight or light shade—remember, they naturally grow under...
Rs. 889.00

Baby Sun Rose APtenia Live Healthy Plant With Pot

Aptenia is a small genus of flowering plants in the family Aizoaceae. Easy Growing Beautiful Plant Grows Lovely Flowers year round. COmes with pot.
Rs. 399.00
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Indoor Lipstick Aglonema Plant (Pot included)

Please Read The Below Description Before Placing An Order: We Package Our Plants With A Lot Of Care. However, In 1% Of Deliveries Customers Sometimes Receive A Damaged Plant Due...
Rs. 349.00
Green Paradise® Pachira Aquatica Braided Indoor Bonsai  Money Plant For Feng Shui Good Fortune Vastu Plant With Glossy Pot

Green Paradise® Pachira Aquatica Braided Indoor Bonsai Money Plant For Feng Shui Good Fortune Vastu Plant With Glossy Pot

Green Paradise presents Lovey Goodluck Plant Called Pachira Aquatica. Beautiful Tree With Glossy Pot.  Fengshui plant for good fortune.Vastu Plant For Positive Energy In The House. Care Tips:  1.Keep In...
Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 1,199.00
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Green Paradise Red Dwarf Pine Apple Plant

Green Paradise Brings You A Treat Of Red  Color With This Unique Red Pineapple Plant. Orignally It Is Ananas bracteatus (common name, red pineapple) is a species of pineapple. It's A very...
Rs. 589.00 Rs. 499.00
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Pink Rubber Plant

How to care for and grow the Pink Rubber Tree A gorgeous Varigated Version of the burgundy Rubber Tree, the strawberry-colored leaves of the Pink Rubber Tree make this plant a...
Rs. 449.00

Rhoeo Live Plant

Rhoeo, Including Rhoeo Discolor and Rhoeo Spathacea, is a Plant of many Names. Depending on where you live, you may call this plant Moses-in-the-cradle, Moses-in-a-Basket, boat lily and oyster plant....
Rs. 449.00 Rs. 349.00
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Red Coleus Live plant

Coleus Plant Care Coleus' needs when it comes to care are pretty minimal, making it a great introductory plant for novice gardeners or those who just don't have a lot...
Rs. 349.00

Purple Ground Orchid Bletilla purple Flowering Plant

Bletilla is a half hardy perennial, and is commonly referred to as the orchid.The stem of the orchid is typically 30 to 50 cm in height, and Bletilla has leaves...
Rs. 569.00

Green Paradise Monstera Deliciosa Live Indoor Monstera Plant with Nursery Pot

Green Paradise Monstera Plant Is Easy Growing Unique Indoor Plant With Beautiful Lush Green Foliage. Healthy Young Plant Comes With The Nursery Pot. Monstera Plant Is One Of the Most...
Rs. 1,099.00 Rs. 899.00
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