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Green Paradise Fengsui Bamboo 2 Layers Bamboo Plant Without Pot

Enhancing Harmony and Vitality: The Allure of the Green Paradise Two- Layered Feng Shui Bamboo Plant About Two-Layered Feng-shui bamboo Plant In the realm of ancient wisdom and modern design, the...
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 229.00

Campsis grandiflora Chinese Trumpet Creeper Orange Live Plant

Green Paradise Offers Beautiful Campsis Grandiflora Chinese Trumpet Creeper Orange Plant     About Campsis grandiflora Plant   Campsis grandiflora, commonly known as Chinese Trumpet Creeper or Chinese Trumpet Vine, is...
Rs. 499.00

Exclusive Live Orange climbing rose Plant

"Orange Climbing Roses: Adding a Vibrant Elegance to Your Garden" About Orange Climbing Rose Plant In the world of gardening, few plants can rival the exquisite beauty and timeless charm...
Rs. 499.00

Ficus Nerifolia Willow leaf pre bonsai sapling plant with plastic pot

Introducing the Ficus Nerifolia Willow leaf Pre Bonsai – Your Gateway to Tranquil Elegance Elevate your living space with the enchanting Ficus Nerifolia Willowleaf Pre Bonsai, a masterpiece of nature...
Rs. 899.00

DESMODIUM White Braya Sapling Plant

The Enigmatic Elegance of DESMODIUM White Braya Plant: Nature's Hidden Gem In the heart of our planet's diverse botanical tapestry lies a hidden gem, a botanical masterpiece that quietly thrives in...
Rs. 899.00

Hibiscuss yellow Dwarf

Unveiling the Splendor of the Hibiscus Yellow Dwarf Plant About Hibiscuss Yellow Dwarf In the world of gardening, few plants command attention and admiration quite like the Hibiscus. Known for...
Rs. 299.00

Cryptanthus Black Tiger Very Rare Colour Exotic Live Indoor Plant

Unveiling the Enigmatic Elegance of The Green Paradise Cryptanthus Black Tiger Plant About Cryptanthus Black Tiger Plant In the realm of botanical marvels, where nature showcases its artistic prowess, the Cryptanthus...
Rs. 889.00

Nagarvel Betel Leaf Plant

Nagarvel leaf plant (piper betel) is a creeper grown in India. It belongs to the pepper family. Its waxy green, heart-shaped leaves are used for medicinal and culinary purposes. When...
Rs. 299.00
On Sale

Green Paradise Red Dwarf Pine Apple Plant

Green Paradise Brings You A Treat Of Red Color With This Unique Red Pineapple Plant   The Enigmatic Beauty of the Red Dwarf Pineapple Plant In the realm of botanical wonders,...
Rs. 589.00 Rs. 499.00

Lemon Grass Plant

Introducing Our Exquisite Lemon Grass Plant: A Symphony of Aroma and Wellness Unlock the essence of freshness and health with our Lemon Grass Plant, a fragrant marvel that transcends the...
Rs. 299.00

Fengsui bamboo 2 layers Live Plant With Pot

Enhancing Harmony and Vitality: The Allure of the Green Paradise Two- Layered Feng Shui Bamboo Plant About Two-Layered Feng-shui bamboo Plant In the realm of ancient wisdom and modern design, the...
Rs. 399.00
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citronella plant mosquito repellent Plant

Unveiling the Wonders of The Green Paradise Citronella Plant: Nature's Green Guardian   About Citronella (Mosquito Repellent Plant)    In the world of botanical marvels, where fragrances and foliage merge...
Rs. 799.00 Rs. 499.00

Flowering Cactus Live Plant

Unveiling the Beauty of Flowering Cactus Plants from Green Paradise Nursery When we think of vibrant, blooming gardens, cacti are not typically the first plants that come to mind. However,...
Rs. 499.00

Indoor Lipstick Aglonema Plant (Pot included)

Embracing Elegance: The Allure of Lipstick Aglaonema Plants from Green Paradise Nursery   In the realm of interior decor, there exists a unique gem – the Lipstick Aglaonema plant. With...
Rs. 349.00

Peppermint Plant - Buy Online

Refresh Your Garden with our Exquisite Peppermint Plant – Nature’s Breath of Fresh Air! About Peppermint Plant Welcome to a world of aromatic bliss with our Peppermint Plant, the perfect...
Rs. 299.00

Pink Rubber Plant

In the Pink: Unveiling the Beauty of the Pink Rubber Plant from Green Paradise Nursery Tucked away in the serene heart of Green Paradise Nursery lies a botanical gem that's...
Rs. 449.00