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Avocado Fruit Plant Grafted Healthy greenish - purple Avacado Plant

The Green Gold: Exploring the World of Avocado Fruit Plants About Avocado Fruit Plant The avocado, also known as "green gold" or "butter fruit," is a fruit that needs no...
Rs. 899.00

Awla Live Plant (GooseBerry)

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Awla Plant (Gooseberry) About Awla Plant  The Awla plant, also known as Indian gooseberry or amla (Emblica officinalis), is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree native...
Rs. 499.00

Bel Patra Aegle Marmelos Plant

The Divine Healing Power of Aegle Marmelos: Unveiling the Secrets of the Bael Plant In the realm of botanical treasures, the Aegle marmelos plant, commonly known as the Bael plant,...
Rs. 399.00

Bilipatra seeds Aegle Marmelos seeds Indian bael seeeds (Pack Of 10 Seeds)

Unveiling the Hidden Treasure: Aegle Marmelos Seeds   In the world of botanical wonders, there exists a gem often overshadowed by the glamour of fruits and leaves: the seeds of...
Rs. 299.00

Bonsai suitable Delicious SWEET NAGPUR ORANGE Plant All Season1 Live Plant

Green Paradise Offers Healthy & Beautiful Sweet Nagpur Orange Plant   Nagpur orange, also known as Nagpur mandarin or Nagpur Santra, is a variety of citrus fruit that is predominantly...
Rs. 488.00

Buy Online Healthy falsa berry Plant

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Falsa Berry Plant   About Falsa Berry Plant Falsa berry, also known as Phalsa or Indian Sherbet Berry, is the fruit of the Grewia asiatica plant....
Rs. 399.00

Cashew nut Live plant kaju Live Plant

Kaju Trees are Attractive trees with large eaves and Pretty, Pink Flowers. Cashew or Kaju tree is a Tropical Evergreen Plant that can reach 20 feet in Height. Green Paradise...
Rs. 449.00

Exclusive Alphanso Mango Live Plant

Unveiling the Majesty of Alphonso Mango Plants: A Tropical Treasure   About Alphonso Mango Plant   In the sun-kissed realms of tropical orchards, there exists a treasure that captures the...
Rs. 499.00

Exclusive Apple Mango Live Plant-Green Paradie Live

Green Paradise Offer Healthy Apple Mango Plant About Apple Mango Apple Mango is a term commonly used to refer to a specific variety of mango known as the 'Alphonso' mango...
Rs. 874.00

Exclusive Dusheri Mango Live Plant-Green Paradise Live

Green Paradise Offers Exclusive Dusheri Mango Plant Dussehri mango, also known as Dasheri mango, is a popular variety of mango that originated in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh....
Rs. 474.00

Exclusive Langra Mango Live Plant-Green Paradise Live

Green Paradise Offers Langra Mango Plant About Langra Mango Plant The Langra mango is a popular mango variety cultivated in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the regions of Uttar Pradesh,...
Rs. 499.00

Exclusive Live Sweet Jujube fruit ber Plant Suitable For Bonsai

The Ancient Delight: Exploring the Mystique of Red Jujube Ber Plants   About Red Jujube Ber Plants In the realm of fruit-bearing plants, there's one that stands out not just...
Rs. 599.00

Exclusive original Kesar Mango Live Plant- Green Paradise Live

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Kesar Mango Plant About Kesar Mango Plant   Kesar mango, also known as the "Queen of Mangoes," is a popular variety of mangoes cultivated primarily in...
Rs. 474.00

Exclusive Rajapuri Mango Plant Grafted Plant

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Rajapuri Plant About Rajapuri Plant Rajapuri mango is a popular variety of mango that is cultivated in India. It is known for its large size, sweet...
Rs. 474.00

Exclusive Red JackFruit Live Plant

Green Paradise Offers Hybrid & Sweet Red Jackfruit Plant   About Red Jackfruit Plant   The jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is a tropical tree species belonging to the Moraceae family. It...
Rs. 899.00

Exclusive Red Mango Live Plant-Green Paradise Live

Green Paradise Offers Healthy Red Mango Plant About Red Mango Plant Red Mango, also known as the Indian or Bengal Mango (scientific name: Mangifera indica), is a tropical fruit-bearing tree...
Rs. 899.00