Heliconia Golden Torch plant bulbs positive energy and beautiful flowers giving Plant species. (pack of 3)

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Green Paradise® Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds

Green Paradise® Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds

Heliconia Plant Bulbs Heliconia bihai x marginata 'Rauliniana' 5 Bulbs-Green Paradise Live

Heliconia Plant Bulbs Heliconia bihai x marginata 'Rauliniana' 5 Bulbs-Green Paradise Live

Green Paradise offers Heliconia Golden Torch Plant 

About Heliconia Golden Torch Plant


Heliconia Golden Torch is a beautiful and striking tropical plant known for its bright and vibrant inflorescence. However, it's important to note that information may have changed or evolved since then.

Here's what I can tell you about Heliconia Golden Torch:

Scientific Name: Heliconia psittacorum 'Golden Torch'


Heliconias are a part of the Heliconiaceae family and are native to tropical regions of the Americas. The Golden Torch variety is named for its golden-yellow bracts that surround the true flowers. The bracts are large, rigid, and have a torch-like appearance, which is where the plant gets its common name.

Growth Habit:

Heliconias grow as perennial herbaceous plants and can reach a height of 5 to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters), depending on the variety and growing conditions.


The true flowers of the Heliconia Golden Torch are small and usually hidden within the colorful bracts. The bracts are modified leaves that are often more attractive than the actual flowers themselves. In the case of the Golden Torch, the bracts are a striking golden-yellow color.


Heliconias grow from underground rhizomes, which are fleshy, horizontal stems that store nutrients and water for the plant. These rhizomes play a crucial role in the propagation and growth of the plant. They spread and form clumps over time, creating a dense and visually appealing display of foliage and flowers.

Cultural Requirements:

Heliconia Golden Torch thrives in warm, humid climates with well-draining soil. They prefer partial shade but can tolerate some sunlight. In colder regions, they can be grown in greenhouses or as indoor plants. Regular watering is essential, as they do not tolerate dry conditions.

Landscape Use:

Due to their stunning appearance, Heliconia Golden Torch plants are often used in tropical and subtropical gardens to add color and drama. They are also well-liked as cut flowers for bouquets.

Other Varieties:

Apart from the Golden Torch variety, there are many other Heliconia species and cultivars available with different colors and sizes of bracts. Some well-known varieties include Heliconia rostrata (Lobster Claw) and Heliconia bihai (Red Ginger).

When cultivating Heliconia Golden Torch or any other Heliconia variety, it's crucial to be aware of their specific care requirements, as they are sensitive to certain environmental factors. If you are considering growing one, I recommend consulting local horticulturists or gardening experts who have experience with tropical plants to ensure the best results.


 How To Grow Heliconia Golden Torch Plant Rhizoms

Growing Heliconia Golden Torch plants from rhizomes can be a rewarding experience, especially if you live in a tropical or subtropical climate.

Then is a step-by-step companion to help you get started

Obtaining Rhizomes:

Purchase healthy Heliconia Golden Torch rhizomes from a reputable nursery or garden center. Look for firm, plump rhizomes with no signs of damage or disease.

 Planting Time:

Plant the rhizomes during the warmest months of the year when the soil temperature is consistently above 70°F (21°C). In tropical climates, you can plant them throughout the year.

 Selecting a Location:

Choose a location with partial shade to protect the plant from intense sunlight, especially during the hottest part of the day.
Ensure the spot has well-draining soil as Heliconias do not tolerate waterlogged conditions.

Preparing the Soil:

Mix the garden soil with organic compost to improve fertility and drainage.
Heliconias prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil( pH6.0 to7.0).

 Planting the Rhizomes:

Dig a hole that is large enough to accommodate the rhizome and its roots.
Place the rhizome horizontally in the hole, ensuring that the top is at ground level, and cover it with soil.


Keep the soil constantly wettish but not doused, especially during the establishment period.
Once the plant is well-established, it will be more tolerant of temporary dry conditions, but regular watering is still essential.


Apply a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 months during the growing season to provide essential nutrients for healthy growth and flowering.


Mulch around the base of the plant to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and prevent weed growth.


Remove dead or damaged leaves as needed to maintain the plant's appearance and health.

Protection from Cold:

If you live in a region with occasional frosts or cool temperatures, consider covering the plant or moving potted specimens indoors during colder months.


Over time, the Heliconia Golden Torch plant will produce new rhizomes and form clumps. These clumps can be divided during the dormant season to create new plants.

Pest and Disease Control:

Monitor the plant for signs of pests (e.g., aphids, mealybugs) and diseases (e.g., leaf spots). Apply appropriate treatments if any issues arise.

Remember that Heliconias are generally low-maintenance, but they require a warm and humid environment to thrive. Regular care, proper watering, and suitable soil conditions will promote healthy growth and vibrant flowering. Additionally, learning about specific care requirements for your particular climate and variety will help ensure the best results.