Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack

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Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack

Welcome to Green Paradise®, where we provide the best seeds available to help you create the garden of your dreams.
Presenting our premium Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak)

Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack

Product Details:

Brand: Green Paradise®
Product Type: Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack
Weight: 50 grams
Germination Rate: Over 90%
Germination Time: 7-14 days
Harvest Time: 35-50 days

About Seeds:

Introducing the Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack, your gateway to lush, vibrant, and nutrient-rich spinach right from your garden. Specially curated for both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists, our seeds promise an abundant harvest of tender, flavorful spinach leaves that will enhance your culinary creations and boost your health.

Why Choose Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack?

Superior Quality: Our seeds are sourced from trusted growers and meticulously tested to ensure optimal germination and growth.

High Yield: Expect a bountiful harvest with our high-germination-rate seeds.

Nutrient-Rich: Spinach is a superfood packed with vitamins A, C, and K, iron, and antioxidants.

Versatile Use: Perfect for salads, smoothies, soups, and various cooked dishes.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our seeds come in biodegradable packs, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.


Nutritional Powerhouse: Spinach is renowned for its rich nutritional profile, promoting overall health and wellness.

Boosts Immunity: High in vitamin C and antioxidants, it strengthens your immune system.

Supports Bone Health: With ample vitamin K and calcium, spinach is excellent for maintaining strong bones.

Aids Digestion: Rich in dietary fiber, it helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
Promotes Eye Health: Loaded with beta-carotene, it supports good vision and eye health.

Seeds Germination Time:

Germination Period: 7-14 days
Optimal Soil Temperature: 50°F to 75°F (10°C to 24°C)
Sunlight Requirement: Full sun to partial shade

How to Plant Green Paradise® Spinach Seeds:

Soil Preparation:

  • Choose a well-drained, fertile soil rich in organic matter.
  • Test soil pH to ensure it is between 6.0 and 7.5 for optimal growth.
  • Loosen the soil to a depth of 8-12 inches and mix in compost or aged manure.

Sowing Seeds:

  • Sow seeds directly into the garden as soon as the soil can be worked in early spring or fall.
  • Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep and 2 inches apart in rows spaced about 12-18 inches apart.
  • For continuous harvest, plant successive crops every 10-14 days.


  • Ensure that the soil is regularly moist but not soaked.
  • Water gently to avoid washing away seeds or damaging young seedlings.
  • Mulch the area around the plants to keep moisture in and prevent weed growth.


  • Once seedlings emerge, thin them to 4-6 inches apart to allow sufficient room for growth.
  • Utilize the thinning seedlings as microgreens or in salads.


  • Fertilize with a balanced organic fertilizer once the seedlings have a few true leaves.
  • Avoid over-fertilizing to prevent excessive leaf growth with poor nutritional content.

Pest and Disease Control:

  • Monitor plants regularly for pests such as aphids and leaf miners.
  • Employ natural pest management techniques, including using insecticidal soap or neem oil.
  • Practice crop rotation and proper spacing to reduce disease risk.

Eco-Conscious Packaging: Our biodegradable packaging reflects our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Expertly Curated Seeds: Sourced from the best growers, ensuring high germination rates and robust growth.

Health-Centric: Cultivate your own superfood at home, packed with essential nutrients for your well-being.

User-Friendly Planting Guide: Step-by-step instructions make it easy for gardeners of all levels to achieve success.

Customer Support: Our gardening experts are always ready to assist you with any queries or advice.

Growing and Caring Tips:

Climate: Spinach thrives in cooler weather; plant in early spring or fall.

Sunlight: Spinach prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade.

Soil: Ensure the soil is fertile and well-drained with a pH of 6.0-7.5.

Watering: Keep soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells.

Harvesting: Harvest leaves as soon as they are big enough to eat. Newer leaves have more flavor and tenderness.

Successive Planting: For a continuous supply of fresh spinach, plant new seeds every 10-14 days.

Transform your garden into a verdant paradise with the Green Paradise® Spinach (Palak) Seeds Pack. Embrace the joy of growing your own nutritious and delicious spinach, and experience the unparalleled quality that Green Paradise® brings to your gardening journey. Place your order now and take the first step towards a healthier, greener lifestyle.