Air Purifier Indoor Silver Snake Plant with Pot ( Set of 2)

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There are no Stems on the Snake Plant, Just Tough, Thick, Upright Leaves. Because There are no Branches, its Slender Profile Makes it an Ideal Floor Plant for Small Spaces. There are also Dwarf Varieties that Form Small Rosettes of Leaves. The Most Common Foliage Showcases Shades of Green With Silver-Gray Horizontal Streaks.Air Purifier Plant.

  • Light – Snake plants are versatile, but avoid light extremes for best results. They tolerate poor light and prolonged shade, but they prefer strong, filtered light. Warm, sunny locations protected from direct hot sun are ideal.
  • Water – Snake plants are very drought tolerant, so underwatering is rare. But overwatering is a quick route to root rot. During the active summer growing season, water only when the soil feels dry about 3 inches deep. Then water thoroughly. During winter, water only as needed to keep leaves looking and feeling firm.
  • Fertilizer – Because snake plants are native to poor rocky soil, avoid overfertilizing. A premium plant food such as pennington ultragreen all purpose plant food 10-10-10 fed once each spring gives your snake plant the primary, secondary and micronutrients it needs. Then it keeps gently feeding for up to four months.
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