Ajwain Plant

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What makes it special:

  • Very easy to care and low maintenance plant.
  • Best plant for sunny balcony and outdoor garden.
  • One of the popular aromatic herb plants.

Plant Specifications

Plant Height



Planting And Care



  • Keep the plant in bright sunlight.
  • Protect the Mexican mint plant from direct harsh sunlight.


  • The soil should be well drained and nutrient rich for Mexican mint plant.


  • Water the plant when the topsoil (1-2 inch) in pot feels dry to touch.
  • Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
  • Do not overwater the plant.
  • Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.

Application of Fertilizer

  • During the main growing season feed the Mexican mint plant with organic fertilizer once a month.
  • Loosen the topsoil without disturbing the roots of the plant so it can uptake the nutrients and moisture easily.
  • health benifits
  • 1. for gas and acidity
  • 2. Ajwain for cold

    • For chronic and recurrent colds, it is recommended to take fried seeds of ajwain in the dose of 2 grams for 15-20 days.
    • Inhaling of its grind seed is also beneficial in case of headache, migraine, and cold &cough.
    • Chewing Ajwain seeds with lukewarm water is effective in curing cough.

    3. Ajwain for Asthma

    • Inhalation of the smoke of Ajwain acts as a bronchodilator and makes the breathing pattern easier.
    • The person suffering from Asthma may take the paste of Ajwain and Jaggery, 1 tsp, twice a day. This mixture is helpful in asthma prevention and treatment.

    4. Ajwain for Diabetes Mellitus

    • 1 tsp of Ajwain seeds and 4 tsp of Bael leaves juice if taken 2 to 3 times a day, are effective in polyuria commonly seen in case of Diabetes.

    5. How to get rid of Alcohol Addiction

    • To get rid of Alcohol addiction, decoction of ajwain may be taken in the dose of 30 ml at night for 50 days.
    • Persons, who use alcohol excessively, may experience acute stomach pain. For such patients, 1 tsp of ajwain seeds may be consumed along with warm water twice a day.

    6. Ajwain in Cholera

    • It has the ability to minimize the impact of threadworms and intestinal bacterial infection. Hence, it is good to give cholera patients.

    7. Ajwain to dissolve Kidney Stone

    • When the mix of Ajwain seeds, honey, and vinegar is used for 10 days, it helps to dissolve kidney stones that ultimately remove with urine.

    8. Ajwain for Weight Loss

    Ajwain has appetite-stimulating properties and on account of laxative components, it fastens the bowel movement and thus helps in weight loss. Regular taking of ajwain also helps to regulate obesity.

    9. Ajwain reduces Gas and Flatulence

    Ajwain is one of the best herbal wonder drugs for gas, flatulence, and indigestion. Distilled water of it is good for the above-said problems and also enhances appetite.

    10. Ajwain for Acidity and Hyperacidity

    Ajwain seeds have anti-hyperacidity properties. A patient of acidity or hyperacidity may consume ajwain along with lukewarm water + salt either in the morning or after a meal. When taken for 10-15 days, it shows good results. Read Acidity Control and Prevention through Herbal means.

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