Bahunia Blakeana Live Plant

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Temperature In summer, the plant needs a very warm content, otherwise problems with flowering may occur. In winter, the bauhinia must be kept at a temperature of 53,6-59 ° F. Adult plants, after they have fallen leaves, can even withstand frosts to 23 ° F for a short time.
Humidity Spraying is not required.
Lighting It should be placed in a brightly lit place, in the spring to the direct sun plant accustomed gradually to avoid burns. The southern window in the summer requires shading. In excessive light, leaves may fade. In poor lighting, the plant blooms less often.
The soil A ready-made weakly acidic or neutral ground of general purpose, a rich air-and water-permeable soil with the addition of a small amount of sand is suitable. Requires powerful drainage. Bauhinia is not very demanding on the soil. For own preparation, for example, you can take: 1 part sheet, 1 part turf and 1 part humus earth, 1/2 part coarse sand or perlite. Always use a pot with a hole.
Watering Requires abundant watering in the summer, but the plant is sufficiently drought-resistant, the surface layer of the soil should dry slightly between watering. Excess moisture is harmful to the plant. In winter, watering is limited, moistening the soil only after the soil dries hard.
Fertilizer In the spring, the plant is fertilized with nitrogen fertilizers, and during flowering in summer – fertilizers with a predominance of potassium and phosphorus.
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