Basfoliar 19:19:19 For Home Garden & Plants Elevate Your Plant's Growth to New Heights (100gm)

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Introducing Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP:

Elevate Your Plant's Growth to New


Unlock the secret to lush, vibrant, and thriving plants with Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP, a premium foliar fertilizer designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of your plants throughout their growth stages. Packed with essential nutrients, this powerhouse formula is the key to unlocking the full potential of your plants, ensuring they reach their peak beauty and productivity. Here's why Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP stands out in the world of plant nutrition:

Key Features:

Balanced Nutrient Composition:

Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP boasts a perfectly balanced blend of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), providing your plants with the essential elements needed for robust growth, flowering, and fruiting.

Water-Soluble Formula:

This fertilizer comes in a water-soluble form, ensuring quick and efficient absorption by your plants. Say goodbye to waiting for nutrients to reach the roots – Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP delivers nutrients directly to the leaves for rapid results.

Microelement Enriched:

In addition to the primary nutrients, our formula is enriched with essential microelements like iron, zinc, and manganese, addressing potential deficiencies and promoting overall plant health.

Chelated Nutrients:

The chelated form of nutrients in Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP enhances nutrient absorption, making it easier for your plants to take up and utilize the fertilizer effectively.

Versatile Application:

Suitable for a wide range of plants, from ornamentals to vegetables and fruits, Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP is the versatile choice for all your gardening needs.


Promotes Lush Foliage:

Watch your plants flourish with luxuriant foliage, thanks to the balanced nitrogen content that encourages healthy leaf development.

Stimulates Flowering:

Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP is crafted to enhance flowering, resulting in a spectacular display of blooms that will leave your garden or landscape looking stunning.

Boosts Fruit and Vegetable Yields:

Maximize your harvest with increased fruit and vegetable yields. The optimal phosphorus and potassium levels support robust fruit and root development.

Accelerates Growth:

Experience accelerated growth as the water-soluble formula provides an instant nutrient boost, promoting strong and vigorous plant development.

Prevents Nutrient Deficiencies:

The inclusion of essential microelements prevents nutrient deficiencies, ensuring your plants receive a well-rounded diet for optimal health and vitality.

Scientifically Formulated:

Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP is the result of extensive research and development, ensuring a formula that meets the specific nutritional needs of plants at every stage of growth.

Easy to Use:

Incorporating this fertilizer into your plant care routine is a breeze. Simply dissolve the recommended amount in water and apply directly to the leaves for a nutrient boost that your plants will love.

Fast-Acting Results:

Say goodbye to waiting weeks for your plants to respond. Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP delivers fast-acting results, visible in the form of vibrant colors, increased foliage, and prolific blooms.

Suitable for All Growth Stages:

Whether your plants are seedlings, mature trees, or flowering perennials, Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP provides the comprehensive nutrition needed for all growth stages.

How to Use:


Dissolve the recommended amount of Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP in water. The water-soluble nature of the fertilizer ensures easy mixing.


Use a sprayer or watering can to apply the solution directly to the leaves, ensuring thorough coverage. For optimal results, apply during the cooler parts of the day.


For ongoing plant maintenance, repeat the application every 2-4 weeks, adjusting the frequency based on the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions.

Combine with Soil Application:

While Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP is designed for foliar application, it can also complement soil fertilization. For a comprehensive approach, consider combining with your regular soil fertilizer.

In conclusion, elevate your plant care routine with Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP – the trusted choice for discerning gardeners seeking unparalleled results. Nurture your plants with the finest in foliar nutrition, and witness a garden that reflects the beauty of well-fed, happy plants.

Order Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP today and embark on a journey to a greener, more vibrant garden!