Rumphii Ficus Bodhi Ficus Saplling Plant

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Ficus rumphii is a banyan fig species in the family Moraceae. No subspecies are listed in the Catalogue of Life. The species can be found in: India, southern China, Indo-China and Malesia. In Vietnam it may be called lâm vồ or đa mít.

Special Care:

Pruning, trimming and training:

A shallow pot is used to grow Bodhi Tree Bonsai. Under potting and constant pruning, proper care and training are the keys to grow a healthy bonsai plant.

While growing a Bodhi Tree Bonsai, care should be taken to prune the plants regularly and at the right time. Pruning and training the plants are important to grow a healthy and good-looking bonsai plant.

The pruning can be done regularly to remove the overgrown branches and to shape the plants. The unwanted branches can be removed to shape the plants according to one’s need. The tips of the branches can be regularly pinched off. While pruning, few leaves should be left on the branches. Removal of all the leaves from the pruned branches can affect the health of the plant. The whole ficus can be defoliated to promote new foliage growth. This should be done only to healthy bonsai.

The branches can be wired using aluminium or copper wires. The wired branches can be bent to shape the branches. The wires should not be wound very tightly. This can cause marks or cuts on the branches when they grow. Wire the branches when they are ½ inch thick.


Any well drained potting soil can be used. The soil should be well aerated as they produce extensive root system, heavy soil can prevent the spread of the root


Ficus prefers moist conditions but should not be over watered. Water the plant when the soil is bone dry. If the soil is dry till the bottom when the finger is stuck into the pot the plant is ready to be watered. Deep water them till the water drains out through the drainage hole. They prefer moisture. The pot can be placed on a pebble tray with water. The evaporation of water from this will help maintain moisture.

Light and temperature:

Bodhi trees prefer indirect bright sunlight. It can also adjust to partial indirect light and shade. They do not show much physical changes when exposed to bright sunlight or shade. They are tropical plants and cannot tolerate cold conditions. The plants prefer warm and humid conditions. The aerial roots develop when the temperatures are warm and humid or mostly during the rainy season. To grow aerial roots, the plant should be provided the optimum conditions.


The ficus plants can be fed with fertilizer ones in a week during the growing period i.e., spring and summer and ones a month during winters. The plants require a balanced fertilizer. a mixture of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the ratio of 3:2:1 can be given as these nutrients are essential for the growth of the plant. A nitrogen rich fertilizer also works well.