Bromeliad Plant Guzmania Terrarium Exotic Tropical Red Flower Tropical Live Plant

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Guzmania is a Popular genus of Bromeliad. Their Colorful Flower bracts can be found in Shopping malls, Conservatories and Many other Plantscapes as well as kitchen tables and office desks. While they are a popular in public indoor spaces.


Guzmania should be placed in a warm room that is 55-81°F. It also requires good ventilation so that the leaves benefits from a good air circulation all the day along. So make sure you open the widow on occasion so that your bromeliad gets its refreshing portion of air.


As with other urn plants and bromeliads, Guzmania requires some bright light, but not being exposed to direct sun light as that would results in burning the leaves and therefore impeding its growth and source of nourishment.

Guzmania also tend to flourish in a high humid environment since it is a tropical plant. So place it peddle-filed tray of water and make sure your mist the leaves 1-2 times a week to maintain your plant’s tropical beauty.


Using distilled, filtered or rainwater, water the center case, making sure that the water is always 1 in deep. As already mentioned the vase acts as a collector of water, so you will have to empty and refill it every 2-3 weeks to prevent water stagnation.

Water the compost in summer if the 1in is dry, allowing to drain before you water again.


You can boost the growth of your Guzmania by adding a balanced fertilizer every two weeks during the spring and summer; and a slow release fertilizer at the end of the summer.

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