Green Paradise® Exotic Red Radish Seeds Pack

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Green Paradise® Exotic Red Radish

Seeds: A Zesty Addition to Your Garden


Radish Full Red Seeds

Are you ready to infuse your salads, sandwiches, and stir-fries with a burst of flavor? Look no further than Green Paradise® Radish Full Red Seeds! These vibrant red roots are not only easy to grow but also add a zesty kick to your culinary creations. Let’s explore what makes these seeds a must-have for every garden:

Key Features:

Rapid Growth: Radishes are the sprinters of the vegetable world. Expect them to mature in just 20 to 30 days!

Crisp and Peppery: The Full Red variety boasts a delightful crunch and a peppery bite that wakes up your taste buds.


Instant Gratification: If you’re impatient for results, radishes won’t keep you waiting. Harvest them while your other veggies are still stretching their roots.

Edible Greens: Don’t toss those radish tops! They’re edible and make a fantastic addition to salads or sautés.

Compact Size: Radishes thrive in small spaces. Whether you have a balcony garden or a backyard plot, they fit right in.

Succession Planting: Sow radish seeds every couple of weeks for a continuous harvest. Fresh radishes on demand!

Planting Process:

Seed Sowing:

  • Directly sow the seeds outdoors in well-draining soil.
  • Plant them about 1/2 inch deep and 1 inch apart in rows.
  • Thin the seedlings to 2 inches apart once they sprout.

Sun and Water:

  • Radishes love sunlight. Give them at least 6 hours of sun daily.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist. Water regularly to prevent bitterness.

Cool Temperatures:

  • Radishes thrive in cooler weather. Spring and fall are their prime growing seasons.
  • If temperatures soar, provide partial shade to prevent bitterness.


  • Radishes are ready when they reach full size (usually within a month).
  • Pull them gently from the soil. Voilà! Fresh radishes for your table.

Caring Tips:

Pest Patrol: Keep an eye out for pests like flea beetles. Row covers can help protect your radishes.

Companion Planting: Plant radishes near carrots or lettuce. They play well together in the garden.

Green Paradise® Radish Full Red Seeds are your ticket to a speedy, zesty harvest. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie, these roots promise freshness, crunch, and a touch of spice. Get planting, and let your garden bloom with these fiery red gems! 🌱🔥