ixora pink live plant

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If You Have A Small Garden In Your Home, Then This Plant Is One Of The Best To Enhance The Liveliness Of The Space. With Its Pink Flower Clusters, This Flowering Bush Looks Stunning In Outdoors Or Indoors. The Flower Bunch Last For 5-6 Days Giving An Aesthetic View. As A Bush, It Grows To A Height Of 1 To 1.5 Meters.

Light and Water

Ixora blooms best and grows more densely with full, direct sun for most of the day, but it also likes partial shade in the hottest climates in its USDA zone. Water the plant regularly, with a deep soaking about once a week and less during the winter, and keep the soil moist but not dripping wet. Ixora also prefers high humidity, so place its pot on a tray of wet pebbles if you grow the plant indoors.

Soil and Fertilizer

Like many plants, ixora prefers slightly acidic soil. If your plant's leaves look yellowish, the plant may need a fertilizer with a high nitrogen or a top layer of an acidic mulch such as pine needles or bark. Ixora also likes soil with lots of organic material, so add a layer of compost to your plant's soil in the garden or in a pot. Feed plants in the ground or in containers about three times a year, in early spring, in midsummer and at the end of summer.