Kalanchoe Tomentosa Succulent Panda Paw Live Plant With Pot

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Panda Plant Care
Ideal for an ornamental houseplant due to its low-maintenance, you can grow the chocolate soldier plant easily in pots and basket. Here are the requirements you need to look out for when growing this African native succulent
This species of kalanchoe loves bright light, but can also tolerate indirect light or even a bit of shade. So, if you want to achieve healthy growth for your panda plant, provide the plant a good balance of direct and indirect sunlight. 2-4′ away from a south-facing window should be just fine. The recommended temperature for optimal panda plant growth is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chocolate soldier succulent doesn’t require a ton of water. You only have to water the plant when the soil is bone-dry. It can survive long periods without water, so if you’re a neglectful plant parent like I sometimes am, it’s a great addition to your collection. Humidity is not an issue for the panda plant, but overwatering can affect the plant growth.
The soil mix you use should be well-draining so that there is no standing water, ever. The recommended soil for planting is a high-quality cacti or succulent potting mix. You can also use a standard potting mix and add a bit more perlite to it.

The fertilizing season for panda plant starts from spring until the end of summer. You can fertilize the plant using a diluted fertilizer once after every 4 weeks. You can also use a balanced houseplant food that is mixed at half strength.
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