Live 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant Suitable For Bonsai

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Introducing Our Exquisite 1 Kg Thai

Guava Plant โ€“ Your Gateway to Tropical


๐ŸŒฟ Key Features:

Immerse yourself in the allure of our 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant, a botanical marvel that brings the exotic essence of Thailand right to your doorstep. This stunning plant is a testament to nature's artistry, boasting a myriad of features that set it apart:

Abundant Fruit Yield:

  • Be prepared for a bountiful harvest of succulent Thai guavas.
  • Our meticulously nurtured plants guarantee a plentiful supply, ensuring you can enjoy the tropical goodness right from your own garden.

Compact Size, Big Rewards:

  • Despite its compact size, this Thai Guava Plant packs a punch when it comes to fruit production.
  • Perfect for gardens of all sizes, it thrives in containers, making it an ideal addition to your balcony, patio, or backyard.

Quick Growth & Early Fruiting:

  • Experience the joy of harvesting your own Thai guavas sooner than you might expect.
  • Our plants are cultivated to mature rapidly, allowing you to relish the fruits of your gardening labor in no time.


  • Say goodbye to worries about pests and diseases.
  • Our 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant is bred to resist common issues, ensuring a robust and healthy plant that stands the test of time.

๐Ÿˆ Benefits:

Indulge in the numerous benefits that our 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant brings into your life:

Health in Every Bite:

  • Thai guavas are renowned for their rich nutritional profile.
  • Packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, these fruits contribute to a wholesome diet and support overall well-being.

Homegrown Goodness:

  • There's something truly special about growing your own food.
  • With our Thai Guava Plant, you have the opportunity to savor homegrown, organic delights right from your garden.

Versatile Culinary Delight:

  • From refreshing juices to delectable jams and mouthwatering desserts, Thai guavas lend themselves to a myriad of culinary creations.
  • Unleash your culinary creativity with the versatile flavors of this tropical gem.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

  • Beyond its culinary merits, the Thai Guava Plant is an aesthetic delight.
  • With glossy green leaves and delicate blossoms, it adds a touch of tropical elegance to your outdoor space.

Expertly Cultivated:

  • Our Thai Guava Plants are cultivated with passion and expertise.
  • From seedling to maturity, each plant undergoes meticulous care to ensure it reaches you in prime condition, ready to thrive in your care.

Exclusive Tropical Flavors:

  • Transport yourself to the vibrant orchards of Thailand with the exclusive flavors of our Thai guavas.
  • This cultivar is selected for its exceptional taste, providing you with a genuine tropical fruit experience.

Easy Care, Maximum Rewards:

  • Not everyone has a green thumb, and that's okay! The 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant is designed for ease of care, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Delivered to Your Door:

  • Skip the hassle of searching for the perfect plant at local nurseries.
  • We deliver our Thai Guava Plants directly to your door, ensuring you receive a healthy and vibrant specimen, ready to flourish under your care.

๐ŸŒฑ Your Tropical Oasis Awaits:

  • Incorporate the 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant into your garden and embark on a journey to tropical paradise.
  • Order now to experience the joy of cultivating and enjoying your very own Thai guavas, and let the flavors of Thailand flourish in your own backyard.
  • Welcome home to the exotic allure of our 1 Kg Thai Guava Plant โ€“ where every leaf tells a story of tropical splendor!


Cultivating Abundance: A Guide to Growing 1 kg Thai

Guava Plants

Thai Guava, renowned for its distinct flavor and nutritional richness, is a tropical delight that many gardeners aspire to grow. Among the various cultivars, the quest for achieving a bountiful harvest, particularly aiming for a 1 kg yield, requires careful attention and a green thumb. In this guide, we'll explore the step-by-step process of cultivating a thriving Thai Guava plant.

Choosing the Right Variety

  • Not all guava plants are created equal, and choosing the right variety is paramount.
  • Opt for a cultivar that is known for its robust growth and generous fruiting.
  • Varieties like 'Keitt' and 'Pink Apple' are popular for their delicious taste and substantial fruit size.

Climate Considerations

  • Thai Guava plants thrive in warm tropical climates, and providing the right environment is crucial.
  • Ensure your plant receives ample sunlight, ideally 6-8 hours per day.
  • If you're in a region with colder temperatures, consider planting your guava in a large pot that can be moved indoors during the winter.

Soil Preparation

  • Guavas prefer well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH.
  • A blend of theater soil and organic compost works well.
  • insure good drainage to help waterlogging, which can lead to root spoilage.

Planting Process

Selecting a Site: Choose a sunny spot in your garden where the guava can receive abundant sunlight.

Digging the Hole: Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball of your guava plant and at the same depth.

Planting the Guava: Gently remove the plant from its container, loosen the roots, and place it in the center of the hole. Backfill with soil and water thoroughly.

Watering Sche

  • While guavas are relatively drought-tolerant, consistent watering is crucial, especially during dry spells.
  • Water the plant deeply once a week, and adjust frequency based on the weather conditions.


  • To promote healthy growth and fruiting, feed your Thai Guava plant with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for operation rates, and avoidover-fertilizing, as this can This results in excessive leafage growth at the expense of fruit product.

Pruning for Productivity

  • Regular pruning is essential for maintaining the shape of the tree and promoting air circulation.
  • Remove any dead or diseased branches and thin out crowded areas to allow sunlight to reach all parts of the plant.

Pests and Diseases

  • Keep an eye out for common pests similar as aphids and scale insects.
  • Regularly check the leaves and treat any infestations instantly.
  • Also, ensure adequate air circulation to aid fungal conditions.


  • Thai Guavas are typically ready for harvest when they reach a mature size and firmness.
  • Harvest the fruit by twisting it gently from the stem.
  • Aim for a 1 kg yield by allowing a manageable number of fruits to mature on each branch.

Cultivating a 1 kg Thai Guava plant is a rewarding endeavor that combines the joy of gardening with the satisfaction of harvesting delicious, tropical fruits. By providing the right conditions, care, and attention, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of these flavorful guavas right from your own garden. Happy gardening!