Mammillaria Elongata Cactus Plant

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Step-by-Step Care Guide

While caring for mammillaria, there are several basic rules you should know concerning:

  1. soil
  2. watering
  3. lighting
  4. fertilizer (feeding)


During winter months you should better keep the plant almost completely dry. Water it only to prevent the drying of roots (normally, once per month is enough). Starting from March, the growing process is going to start. This is when watering must be increased until late May, as the plant is in its full growth.

Safely water the cactus once per week during summer months. Add as much water as the pot of the plant is allowed to drain. When the temperature is extremely high, you must water the plant once per day. Starting from late September the watering process must be reduced in order to force the plant going in to a condition of semi dormancy. Before November comes, you are to get back to the winter-type watering regime.

A rich and fast-draining soil mix is another tip for proper care for mammillaria. During the entire growing season it is highly important to fertilize the soil with a proper mix, whereas feeding during the dormant period should be suspended. When the compost is fresh, it is not necessary to use the feeding. However, if the plant has not been repotted recently, use a half-strength general purpose fertilizer at the watering time from May and during one month. This is a basic rule for those, who’d like to know how to care properly