Pink Cryptanthus

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Cryptanthus care

It different from epiphytic representatives of its family in that it has well-developed roots, and needs fertile soil. It also has the smallest and most spectacular leaf sockets. For cultivation, you can use ordinary flower pots, as this flower is not capricious, even though it needs high humidity.


It is a light-loving plant that prefers bright lighting. However, it requires mandatory shading from the scorching midday sun in the summer. The plant feels fine in any light, but the more light, the brighter the picture. In the cold season, the flower also needs proper lighting. For illumination, it is recommended to use fluorescent lamps.

In summer, the air temperature should be between 22 and 24 degrees. In the cold season suitable lower temperature from 18 to 20 degrees. In growing Cryptanthus in the indoor environment is quite proper temperature is from 15 to 24 degrees. It is necessary to protect this plant from sharp fluctuations in temperature, as well as from cold drafts.


He needs frequent spraying, and experienced growers suggest placing Cryptanthus near the humidifier. During the heating season, when the apartment is low humidity is recommended to put plants in a terrarium.

How to water

Watering should be moderate enough, as the root system is quite small and can quickly start to rot. In summer, the ground should always be wet, but not soggy. Do not allow drying earthen coma. In autumn and winter watering should be slightly reduced, but the substrate should still be somewhat moist.