Sweetest Dragon fruit Ever Plants (Red)

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Rare and original red Dragon fruit live plant. very easy growing plant. gives fruits very fast suitable for all weathers and sunny places. Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit Promotes digestion. Red dragon fruits contain some amount of fiber which helps in the digestion of food. ... Prevent constipation. Fibers are not only promoted healthy digestion but also has the great activity against constipation. Emphasize immunity. Because of the presence of high level of Vitamin C, other phytonutrients and antioxidants it can boost the immune system functions.

Dragonfruit Plant Care

To grow your own pitahaya plant, you will need to live in a warm and sunny region and have enough space in your garden. This is a fast-growing and heavy cactus with a spreading habit and long stems. Make sure it is planted far enough away from your home, electrical lines, and other utilities. It will usually need to be supported by a strong telliess.


Although dragonfruit plants enjoy warm weather and they are often planted in full sunlight, too much intense sun in dry regions can cause stem damage. This means that a very light shade position could be best. Be aware, however, that too much shade will result in less abundant fruit production and the quality of the harvest may not be as impressive.


Pitahayas are not terribly fussy when it comes to soil type. The key is that it is moist, fertile, and well-drained.

Enthusiasts recommended mulching around the plant, especially in dry regions, to help the soil retain its moisture.


Don't make the mistake of thinking that because this plant is a cactus, that you can neglect it on the watering front. They do have some drought tollerance but, to produce a good fruit crop, it is best to water them occasionally from when they start producing their flowers until you harvest your crop.

Be aware that excessive watering, however, can result in root rot and fungal disease development. Also, during the winter and into early spring, they need a dry spell to induce prolific flowering.

Temperature and Humidity

Dragonfruit plants are not suitable for every garden. They are native to tropical American regions, and they won't do well in areas that experience freezing conditions, especially if the freeze is prolonged. Temperatures from around 65°F–80°F are considered optimal growing conditions for this species.


This is a rather hungry plant, and feeding your pitahaya every couple of months during their first year is recommended. Once the plant is well-established, they should do fine with just a few applications of fertilizer annually. They will appreciate the soil being enriched with compost or other suitable organic matter couple of times a year too.

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