White Rubber Plant

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How to Care for Rubber Plants
Rubber Plants originate from South America, which means they thrive in a warmer, more humid climate. In the UK, it’s best to grow your plants indoors so that you can keep them in just the right conditions. Get all of our care tips below.

Rubber Plant Soil
Rubber plants grow best when planted in well-draining, aerated compost. They don’t tolerate having wet feet so make sure that the pot has large enough holes so that excess water can drain away freely.

Planting in aerated compost gives the plant room to breathe, it allows oxygen to get right to the roots and stops them from becoming too compacted.

Simply grab yourself a bag of regular, high-quality potting soil or make a mix of your own containing 1 part peat, 1 part bark and 1 part perlite (or coarse sand).

Rubber Plant Light Needs
In a nutshell, Rubber Plants are bright light plants but prefer indirect sun. Your plants will thrive in a bright, airy location which gets a good few hours of light throughout the day.

Direct sunlight on the foliage may result in some burning and drying, filter the light using sheer net curtains or keep the plant west or east-facing windows.

If you notice that your Rubber Plant has started to become leggy and its leaves are looking dull and lack-lustre then your plant may not be getting enough light and should be moved to a new location.

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