Yellow Tecoma Live plant

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Temperature The plant is resistant to temperature conditions. For summer, the optimum temperature is + 77-82,4 ° F, in winter it should be lower, the plant can be kept even at a temperature of + 41-50 ° F, but at lower temperatures it sheds leaves. Nevertheless, the campsis can transfer a short-term one-fold decrease in temperature to -50 ° F. With prolonged exposure to low temperatures, the aerial part of the plant dies, but if the roots are preserved alive, the plant can recover.
Humidity Very useful are frequent spraying, especially in hot weather or in winter in conditions of heating.
Lighting A very bright light is required, up to 4 hours of direct sun per day. It is best to grow on a southern or western window. When there is a lack of lighting, the bloom is weakened. It is advisable to ensure good lighting and in the winter, because in low light possible drastic defoliation.
The soil Suitable is a loose, breathable, fertile substrate based on 2 parts of garden land, 1 part of sand or perlite and 1 part of peat (pH 7-8). Drainage required.
Watering In summer the watering is moderate, in hot weather, up to 3 times a week. The top layers of the soil between watering should dry up. In winter, watering is reduced, especially at low storage temperatures.
How to fertilize The plant does not require abundant fertilizer. Feed in the growth period once every 2-3 weeks. Spring and summer are preferable to fertilizers with increased content of phosphorus and potassium (N: P: K – 8:10:10), closer to autumn, increase the relative content of nitrogen. During the rest period in autumn and winter the plant does not fertilize.
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